Parents, you’ve found an after school program for your kids! Designed for children ages 6 – 12, our curriculum teaches and develops tennis basics in a fun, relaxed setting. Furthermore, our pros incorporate lessons in teamwork, leadership, and other life principles to help your child excel.

Additionally, we provide smaller rackets and low-compression youth balls. Students are welcome to bring their own rackets too.

Students Will Learn Tennis Basics & Develop Skills Such as..
  • how to hit a basic forehand
  • beginning rallying + scoring
  • incoporate life skills like teamwork + sportsmanship
  • develop motor skills + hand-eye coordination
Our After-School Program Is Designed to...
  • Teach concepts and strategies involving physical movement + performance
  • Show children how to lead healthy lives through physical activity + fitness
  • Teach social + personal responsibility (through fun and games!)

Our High Altitude Training Tennis Academy is the perfect next-step for aspiring young athletes! Our curriculum builds on the rallying and basic strokes kids develop in our After-School Program and Summer Camps. Furthermore, students will be introduced to match play, with valuable lessons in technique and strategy.

Teaching in smaller, focused groups, our tennis pros can provide more individualized instruction, helping your child prepare for tournaments, college scholarships, and more.

High Altitude Training is Designed to...
  • Provide more advanced instruction
  • Develop new skills like tactics + positioning
  • Introduce students to match-play
  • Teach athletes how to remain cool under pressure (“match-toughness”)
  • Simulate match environments for practice
  • Prepare kids + teens for middle or high school tennis

Our youth programs meet weekly, Monday – Friday, after school. Programs run during the Spring, Fall, and Winter seasons.

Dates and times are flexible!

Call us today at 505-988-4100 for more information, or to register!