Special Events at The Match Point Cafe


Members are invited to bring their dish/item to the Club where it may be judged by all who attend. The winning entries will be featured in the following month's newsletter plus the cook will receive a dinner for two at the Cafe. So dust off your favorite chili recipe (beans or not, tomatoes or not - all is good!) and get ready for this afternoon of fun. If you plan on entering, please call or sign up at the Clubhouse.

    Cafe Hours

    Days: Tuesday – Sunday

    (Closed Mondays)

    Hours: 9 am – 3 pm

    Charles Williams

    Charles Williams, Chef/Kitchen Manager

    Santa Fe Tennis & Swim Club is excited to introduce one of our newest employees, Charles Williams, Café Chef/Kitchen Manager.  Charles was born in New York City and has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States increasing his knowledge and understanding of the culinary arts.  He is passionate about his work and it shows in each dish he creates.  Aside from cooking, baking, and creating sauces; Charles enjoys falconry, bee keeping, and astronomy.  Please come and introduce yourselves to Charles next time you visiting the Match Point Café.