Ball Machine

Of course, the best way to improve your tennis game is to practice. That may sound like simple advice, but it is advice you should take very seriously.


Unfortunately, there are many challenges involved with putting in the extra practice necessary to take your game to the next level. The biggest amongst them is usually the ability to find a partner willing to put in those extra hours with you.


Here at Santa Fe Tennis & Swim Club we offer a solution to that problem. We believe that of the best ways to practice your game is to spend some quality time on the court with a ball machine.


By utilizing a ball machine as a constant partner, you will be able to repeatedly attack all the shots that make up your range as a player, whether that means strengthening your weaknesses or perfecting your strengths.


We feature the iSMASH Playmate Tennis Machine by METALTEK, which offers full game simulation and programmability, not to mention a clean, simple design and ease of operation.


A ball machine is quite possibly your best choice of practice partner when it comes to developing a well-rounded game.


Reserve our iSMASH today and start practicing the shots that you want to be practicing!


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