Pickleball is the hottest game in the country, and we have the premier courts in all of Santa Fe!

This fun game is extremely popular with active adults, and combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Consequently, tennis players are immediately proficient because of their racquet skills.

Furthermore, the court is about one-fourth the size of a tennis court and the game requires underhand serves. (Please see our Rules Overview for details.) Though this sport is easier on the body than tennis, players are sure to get a good workout. The average game is rather fast-paced and provides an hour of fun, moderate exercise. These features make it especially popular with active mature adults.

At Santa Fe Tennis & Swim Club, we have two outdoor pickleball courts open year-round to visitors and members alike. Equipment is available free of charge if players do not have their own paddles or balls.

Call us at 505-988-4100 to book a court or schedule a game!

What is Pickleball?

(Watch Video Below To Find Out!)