Club Membership

Full club privileges for two or more persons in a family living at the same residence

Please note that this is a one time initiation fee with $165 monthly dues.

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Membership and Dues Policies 

*Memberships must be in good standing dues and account balances must be current.

*Dues are payable in advance, and are due 30 days after date of billing.

*Accounts with a balance due after 60 days will have membership privileges revoked.

*Dues paying members may charge incidentals to their account.

*Each Family or Individual Membership must adhere to the Food Minimum Policy, and spend $75 per fiscal quarter at the Match Point Cafe. If this amount is not spent, the account will be billed the difference at the end of the quarter.

*Members must give 30 days’ notice of resignation. Resignations must be emailed to Dues will continue to accrue until 30 days after receipt of the emailed resignation.

*An additional initiation fee is required for reactivating a cancelled membership.

*The family of a member with a “single membership” are considered guests, and are subject to guest policies.

*Dues cannot be suspended or memberships put on hiatus. A member may take a medical leave for no less than 2 months and no more than 6 months and is required to pay half of their monthly dues while on medical leave. If only one member of a family membership is injured, there is no partial medical leave for that family membership.

*Memberships are non transferable

*Family memberships include children living at home up to age 21 or age 25 if unmarried and attending college.
*Memberships are not transferable

*Out of Town member’s primary residence must be over 60 miles from Santa Fe and they may spend no more than 6 months a year in Santa Fe.