Membership Info

Membership Info

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Membership Categories

Santa Fe Tennis & Swim Club is a private club, here to serve our members and guests. Potential members are welcome to call and schedule a tour, or drop by during business hours to view our facilities and grounds.

We offer four membership categories:

Individual – Entitles a single individual full access to the club and its facilities.

Family or Couple –  Entitles full club access for a couple and their children, ages 25 and under.

Out of town – Entitles full club access for one or more persons in a family living at the same residence, at least 60 miles outside Santa Fe for 6 months per year.

Social – Entitles access to the pickleball courts and the swimming pool, for one or more persons in a family living at the same residence.



(All fees are subject to sales tax)

*Quarterly Food Minimum Policy: Requires that each membership as specified above, spend $100 per calendar quarter in the Match Point Café. Memberships that do not spend $100 minimum will be billed the difference at the end of each quarter, starting Spring 2023 (June 30, Sept 30, Dec 30, and March 30, 2024). Alcohol, taxes, and gratuity do not count towards minimums. Does not apply to Out-of-Town memberships.